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Cement and Construction

The longevity, robustness, and accessibility of machinery within cement production plants play pivotal roles in the industry. Every stage of the cement-making process, from pre-crushing to the final product, is susceptible to wear and tear caused by impact, abrasion, and erosion. Kladex has cultivated strong partnerships with leading OEMs and cement companies globally, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs when it comes to tackling these challenges. This knowledge empowers us to craft tailored solutions for wear-related issues across a diverse range of applications.

Our comprehensive approach involves the manufacturing of a broad spectrum of welding consumables designed for hardfacing components. We leverage dedicated automatic welding equipment and provide complete hardfacing solutions through our R&D Centers. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we deliver outstanding and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Additionally, the Kladex team extends its support by offering technology transfer for the production of hardfaced plates and other hardfacing applications specifically tailored to the cement industry.

Wear plates and liners.png


Wear plates and liners

Kladex offers a range of flux-cored abrasion-resistant welding wires featuring various chromium and complex carbide selections. These wires are meticulously designed to produce uniform microstructures for wear plates and liners in the cement industry. Our assortment of alloys caters to diverse wear conditions and operational temperatures. Specifically, "Kladex PL60," "Kladex PL62," and "Kladex PL64" are developed for the automated manufacturing of wear plates.


Vertical Grinding Mills

Kladex offers "Kladex RM600" and "Kladex RM600V" welding wires, specially formulated for hardfacing the tires and tables of grinding mills that endure 3-body abrasion and high-stress wear. These wires are engineered for multi-layer deposits on high-chromium cast irons.

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Roller press rolls

Our "Kladex RP600" welding wire is meticulously crafted to enhance the lifespan of Roller Press rolls in the cement industry. This material exhibits exceptional wear resistance in high-impact environments, ensuring a crack-free, wear-resistant surface.


Kiln repairs

Kladex boasts engineering expertise for kiln alignment and in-situ reconditioning of kiln rings and support rollers. We also offer cutting-edge automation and welding technology to rectify cracks and pits on these support rollers and rings. Specifically, "Kladex 625" and "Kladex 182" are two wires developed to efficiently repair cracks on rollers and rings.

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Primary Crushers

Primary crushers endure severe impact in moderately wearing conditions. Kladex provides solutions tailored to such applications, demanding manganese alloys with outstanding work hardenability. Our solutions are delivered through "Kladex H6" and "Kladex H16" cored welding wires, renowned for their exceptional weldability and work hardenability.


Concrete chutes

Concrete mixers and chutes face extreme wear and tear. Kladex has developed a wide array of alloys specifically for these demanding applications. Notably, "Kladex PL60" and "Kladex PL62" find extensive use in this industry.

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