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In the mining industry, the longevity, durability, and availability of machinery are of paramount importance. This sector encompasses multiple operations, all of which are susceptible to impact, abrasion, and erosion. Kladex collaborates closely with key OEMs and mining companies worldwide, enabling us to comprehend the unique challenges presented by these factors and offer tailored solutions for wear-related issues. Our extensive range of welding consumables, specialized automatic welding equipment, and comprehensive R&D services ensure that we deliver exceptional and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Furthermore, our experienced Kladex team extends its expertise by providing technology transfer services for the production of hardfaced plates and other hardfacing applications in the mining industry.

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Primary Crushers

Primary crushers operate in conditions characterized by severe impact and moderate wear. Kladex provides solutions for these demanding applications, which necessitate manganese alloys with outstanding work hardenability. Our cored welding wires, "Kladex H6" and "Kladex H16," excel in weldability and workability, ensuring reliable performance in primary crusher environments.


Mineral Mixers 

Material handling within the mining industry, especially in palletizing units, results in extreme wear, significantly diminishing mixer lifespans. Kladex has engineered "Kladex NITC," a specialized NiCrBSi matrix fused tungsten carbide, specifically designed to withstand these extreme wear conditions. Additionally, we have developed "Kladex NITC-Prime," featuring spherical tungsten carbide and a higher matrix hardness to further enhance durability.

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Wear Plates and Liners

Kladex offers a diverse range of flux-cored abrasion-resistant welding wires, incorporating various chromium and complex carbides. These wires are meticulously designed and developed to manufacture wear plates and liners for the cement industry. Our selection of alloys caters to varying wear conditions and operational temperatures. Notably, "Kladex PL60," "Kladex PL62," and "Kladex PL64" wires are specifically engineered for automated wear plate manufacturing processes.

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