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Iron and steel have been fundamental materials for over three millennia. Steel and the art of steelmaking played pivotal roles in the industrial revolution and continue to be indispensable in our daily lives. The team of specialists at Kladex boasts over 30 years of experience in designing welding consumables for overlay applications within the steel industry. Kladex excels in providing tailored solutions to address wear-related challenges, achieved through ongoing research and development in alloys, welding metallurgy, and by fostering close collaborations with key players in the steel sector. In addition to manufacturing a comprehensive range of welding consumables and automatic welding equipment, Kladex also implements cost-effective surfacing solutions for enhanced wear protection and extended service life through technology transfer.


Impression Forging Press Dies

Forging dies find extensive use in industries such as automotive, trucking, and oil and gas, where they are employed in the production of critical components like front axle beams, crankshafts, suspension arms, wheel spindles, ball studs, camshafts, steering arms, and valves. These high-quality, mission-critical parts necessitate impeccable die blocks to maintain the quality of the forged components. Kladex has developed flux-cored welding wires tailored for automatic and robotic welding, featuring an enhanced slag system that yields high-quality welding deposits with improved hardness and wear resistance characteristics. The Kladex RBT series is designed for robotic repair applications.

Impression Forging Press Dies_edited.jpg


Open Die Forging Dies

Open die forging, executed between flat dies without pre-cut profiles, is used to manufacture large and simple parts like discs, sleeves, and shafts. The maintenance and repair of such die blocks are common practices, and Kladex offers specialized wires for these purposes.


Hammer Forging Dies

Forging hammers are employed in drop forging processes to shape metal between two dies. The hot metal flows in all directions, filling the die cavity, subjecting these dies to high impact at elevated temperatures. Kladex wires are formulated to exhibit exceptional crack resistance in such demanding high-temperature, high-impact environments. Specifically, Kladex RBT 35 and RBT 45 are tailored for these applications.

Hammer Forging Dies_edited.jpg
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