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Oil and Gas

Over the past century, the Oil & Gas industry has emerged as the world's most critical energy source. Operating in a highly corrosive environment, maintaining equipment to the highest standards has become even more vital. Given the industry's substantial investments, it rightfully demands exceptional service.

With extensive global experience in the field and a commitment to continuous research and development, Kladex offers flexible, tailored solutions for corrosion-related challenges. We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of welding consumables designed specifically for weld overlay applications.

The Kladex engineering team brings years of experience in designing and providing automatic welding equipment, implementing best practices to achieve the utmost quality in weld overlay services. Through close collaborations with key OEMs, manufacturers, and end users, Kladex's technology transfer concept delivers these best practices to our customers for various applications in the Oil & Gas industry.

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Weld-overlay in general with API and ASME Spec

Kladex specializes in the design and development of welding wires for single and multi-layer weld-overlay applications in Corrosion-Resistant Alloy (CRA) weld-overlay cladding of fittings, flanges, and pipes. Our "Kladex 625-G" ultra-clean wire is specifically engineered for automatic hot TIG processes, ensuring exceptional quality for internal cladding applications.


Drilling joints and stabilisers

During drilling operations, tool joints often face slurry abrasion, reducing their lifespan. Kladex offers casing-friendly alloys that can be deposited using open arc and submerged arc welding techniques. We have also developed several alloys tailored for hardfacing drill collars, stabilizers, mud motors, mandrels, and pump impellers, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding drilling environments.

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