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Steel Making

Iron and steel have been essential materials for more than three millennia. Steel and the art of steelmaking played pivotal roles in the industrial revolution and continue to be indispensable in our daily lives.

The expert team at Kladex boasts over 30 years of experience in designing welding consumables for overlay applications within the steel industry. Kladex excels in providing tailored solutions to address wear-related challenges through continuous research and development in alloys and welding metallurgy, along with fostering close partnerships with key steel companies. Kladex also manufactures a comprehensive range of welding consumables and automatic welding equipment. When applicable, we implement cost-effective surfacing solutions to enhance wear protection and extend service life through technology transfer.

Wear plates and liners.png


Wear plates and liners

Liners Kladex offers a range of flux-cored abrasion-resistant welding wires, featuring various chromium and complex carbide selections. These are meticulously designed and developed to create homogeneous microstructures for wear plates and liners in the cement industry. Our diverse range of alloys caters to various wear conditions and operational temperatures. Specifically, "Kladex PL60," "Kladex PL62," "Kladex PL56," and "Kladex PL64" are developed for automated wear plate manufacturing processes.


Steel mill rolls

Leveraging our extensive experience, Kladex specializes in designing and manufacturing welding consumables for refurbishing steel mill rolls, providing customized solutions to wear-related issues in continuous casting machines and Hot Strip Mills. Notably, Kladex SCN2, a super austenitic stainless steel material, outperforms conventional martensitic stainless steels in foot rolls and top zone rolls. For the bender and straightening sections, precipitation-hardened martensitic stainless steel Kladex AHN2 is the preferred material. Additionally, Kladex offers a variety of products for refurbishing rolls used in hot rolling, including table rolls, edger rolls, roughing rolls, pinch, and wrapper rolls. These products produce crack-free multilayer weld deposits that resist metal-to-metal wear and high loading stresses.

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Tubes and pipes

Tubes and pipes in steel plants are exposed to high particle erosion and abrasion due to the transportation of minerals and metals in high volumes. Kladex has developed specialized hardfacing welding materials, such as "Kladex PL56," for both conventional and robotic welding to internally clad pipes and tubes.


Chutes and cones

Components like chutes, diverters, rock ladders, and others used in ironmaking processes, whether by blast furnace or direct reduction, endure high-temperature particle abrasion and erosion. Kladex's wear-resistant alloys are meticulously designed to feature a composite microstructure containing primary carbides in a highly alloyed, high-temperature-resistant matrix.




Material handling in the steel industry, especially in palletizing units, leads to extreme wear, significantly reducing the lifespan of mixers. Kladex NITC is a specialized NiCrBSi matrix fused tungsten carbide designed for these harsh wear conditions. Additionally, Kladex NITC-Prime incorporates spherical tungsten carbide with a higher matrix hardness.


Kiln repairs

Kladex possesses engineering expertise for kiln alignment and in-situ reconditioning of rings and support rollers. We also provide automation and welding technology for repairing cracks and pits on support rollers and rings. Specifically, "Kladex 625" and "Kladex 182" are two wires developed for repairing cracks on rollers and rings.

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