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Manufacturer of flux-cored welding
wires for weld-overlay applications

Kladex Group

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Kladex was founded by a group of specialists with over 45 years of experience in the welding industry. We are driven by our customers' needs to stay ahead in weld overlay and hardfacing applications with the latest technology. With our expertise in welding wire production and development, welding metallurgy and alloy design, and automation, we are ideally positioned to meet demanding and challenging requirements. Our ability to “see it from your point of view” comes from our practical experience in design and implementation of welding procedures, and continuous monitoring of quality to achieve a high-end finished products.

Our team's extensive capabilities and global presence allow us to establish strong partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users in key strategic industries such as Oil & Gas, Steel, and Cement.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and values, believing that no effort is too great. Our reputation depends on it.

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Key Focuses


In the cement production industry, the longevity, durability, and availability of machinery are crucial. The entire cement manufacturing process, from pre-crushing to the final product, is subject to impact, abrasion, and erosion. Our wires are formulated to minimise the material loss by understanding the failure mechanisms in order to maximise the service life of industrial components used in the cement and construction industry.


Our Kladex Arc Spray Wires are developed with high-purity uniform core powders to achieve consistent arc characteristics and improved efficiency for engineering components and rolls in hot strip mill plants. Specific formulations are designed to produce semi-amorphous structures resulting from fast solidification to enhance wear resistance of industrial components.


Our Kladex robotic tool steel metal-cored and flux-cored welding wires are specifically designed for multi-layer welding, providing low slag deposits that extend the lifetime of forging dies. The "Kladex RBT-45," "Kladex RBT-65," and "Kladex RBT-72" metal-cored wires offer excellent weldability for robotic applications, ensuring crack-free deposits.


Kladex provides flexible and customized solutions for corrosion-related issues. We manufacture and supply a complete range of welding consumables specifically designed for weld overlay applications in the oil and gas industry. The range of products include martensitic, austenitic and duplex stainless steels as well as nickel based alloys.


Iron and steel have been essential materials for thousands of years. Steelmaking played a significant role in the industrial revolution and continues to be vital in our everyday lives. Steel making processes involve materials handling, melting, casting and forming processes demanding excellent performance from equipment utilised in processing steel. Over the last 25 years we have created in-depth understanding of requirements in every step of the steel making and developed suitable products to extend the service life of critical components.

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The life, durability, and availability of machinery in mining are crucial in the industry. The process of mining involves various stages that are all affected by impact, abrasion, and erosion. By working closely with key OEMs and mining companies worldwide, Kladex understands the specific requirements for dealing with these challenges and can provide customized solutions for wear-related problems. Our wide range of welding consumables, dedicated automatic welding equipment, and complete hardfacing solutions ensure exceptional and economical resolutions for our clients.


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