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Cladding Continuous Casting Rolls

Continuous casting rolls are subjected to very harsh environments including high temperature oxidation, corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, thermal fatigue, abrasion and adhesion. The interaction between the slab and the continuous casting roll surfaces is highly complicated as multiple failure mechanisms tend to operate simultaneously. The rolls often show premature corrosion marks due to inadequate welding materials or improper welding technologies.  The service life can also be less than satisfactory if the roll surfaces wear out and the required roll gap is no longer maintained. Kladex delivers improved service life of the continuous casting rolls by:


  • Understanding the service conditions

  • Determining the failure mechanisms

  • Selecting the most suitable alloys

  • Understanding the relationship between the welding processes and the microstructure evolution


Kladex has the expertise and knowledge in materials' science, welding metallurgy and welding automation to bring the most effective solutions to its customers.

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