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Over the last 100 years, the Oil & Gas industry has become the world’s most strategic energy source. Subjected to a highly sour environment, it has become even more essential that, from extraction to processing, equipment is maintained to an extremely high standard. The industry’s high value investment rightly demands an exceptional service.


With comprehensive worldwide experience in the industry and as a result of continuous research and development, Kladex is able to offer flexible customised solutions for corrosion related issues by manufacturing and supplying a complete range of welding consumables especially designed for weld overlay applications.


The team of Kladex engineers have many years of experience in designing and supplying automatic welding equipment and implementing the best practices to achieve the highest quality in weld overlay services.


By developing close relationships with key OEMs, manufacturers and end users, Kladex's technology transfer concept can deliver these best practices to our customers for different applications in the Oil & Gas industry.

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