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Raw Materials' Handling and Preparation for Ironmaking

Iron ore and other essential raw materials in steelmaking are stacked, reclaimed and transported.  The right mixture is then palletised and sintered and made ready for ironmaking. The critical components such as reclaimers, stackers, transportation chutes, extraction fans, scrubbers, ductings, sieves, sinter crushing stars and bars are subjected to various wear conditions. In order to combat abrasion, erosion and high temperature oxidation in these applications, Kladex has designed a number of specific products. The product range varies from high volume fraction chromium carbides for 3-body abrasion to finely distributed complex carbides for high temperature erosion.



Chutes, diverters, pipes, rock ladders and various other components used in ironmaking, either by blast furnace or direct reduction processes, are subjected to high temperature particle abrasion and erosion. Kladex's wear resistant alloys are designed to have a composite microstructure containing primary carbides in a high temperature resistant highly alloyed matrix.

BOF in Steelmaking


Kladex has designed dedicated hardfacing materials available as flux cored wires and arc spray wires to protect the extraction hoods used in basic oxygen furnaces. The hoods, which consist of water cooled tubes, are subjected to extremely high temperatures and fine particle erosion, and if they are not protected, water leakage could cause major concern. Kladex W90 is a purpose-designed nickel based alloy containing uniformly distributed hard particles resistant to fine particle erosion at elevated temperatures.

Continuous Casting
Continuous Casting

Kladex has developed a range of flux cored wires suitable for submerged arc and open arc welding of continuous casting rolls. The material choice is optimised considering the position of the rolls in the casters and the service conditions.  Kladex SCN2 is a super austenitic stainless steel material designed for foot rolls and top zone rolls, and displays outstanding performance compared to conventional martensitic stainless steels. For the bender and straightening sections, precipitation hardened martensitic stainless steel Kladex AHN2 is the most promising material in this critical application.

Hot Strip Mill Rolling

Continuously cast steel is hot rolled and reduced to smaller thicknesses via a number of rolls. Kladex has the expertise in the refurbishment of various rolls used in hot rolling including table rolls, edger rolls, roughing rolls, pinch and wrapper rolls. In addition, Kladex products are used in rebuilding the rolls used in the production of shaped steel products. The cladding materials are designed to produce crack-free multilayer weld deposits resistant to metal-to-metal wear and high loading stresses.

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