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During drilling the tool joints are subjected to slurry abrasion, and lifetime is increased by hardbanding. Kladex has designed casing friendly alloys, which can be deposited using open arc and submerged arc welding. In addition, several alloys have been designed for hardfacing drill collars, stabilisers, mud motors, mandrels and pump impellers.



Oil & Gas Extraction

During and after the Oil & Gas extraction process, in the highly corrosive environment Sour Service, chloride ions, carbon dioxide and especially hydrogen disulfide (H2S), in a combination of high temperature and pressure, increase the corrosion on different parts such as BOP (Blow-out preventer), wellhead equipment, Christmas trees, ball/gate/globe and choke valves.  Kladex has designed dedicated high alloy materials for each application from different product families - Ni Base Alloys (625, 825), 300 and 400 series stainless steel and Alloy 400.


The automated welding equipment for Submerged Arc, GMAW and Hot TIG welding processes has also been designed to ensure the best quality weld overlay services, which meet API standards.




The downstream section in the Oil & Gas industry has many stages of separation and refining processes. Different types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and towers require cladding in the Sour Service environment.


The Kladex team has designed very specific 300 and 400 series Stainless Steel, Ni Base alloys and Alloy 400 welding consumables and automatic welding equipment in order to achieve the required weld deposit by using highly efficient methods with Electroslag Welding, Submerged Arc Welding and GMAW process to minimise the cost and maximise the cladding speed.


The Hot TIG process is also used to clad fittings, flanges and nozzles of the different vessels to meet ASME standards.


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