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The limestone used in cement making is extracted from the mines and crushed to smaller size using primary crushers such as gyratory crushers, followed by jaw and rotary crushers ready for grinding. These crushers are subjected to severe impact and need to be protected by impact resistant work hardenable materials. Kladex has a range of products containing high quantities of manganese and nitrogen, offering excellent work hardenability.


Grinding (Vertical Grinding Mill)

The limestone, often with some additives, is ground using vertical grinding mills. The rollers and tables are subjected to 3-body abrasion and need to be hardfaced regularly. Kladex has extensive knowledge in the choice of suitable alloys and hardfacing techniques for reconditioning the rollers and tables. In addition, we offer various other alloys for protecting the mill liners, chutes, separators and feeding cones.


Kladex has engineering capabilities for kiln alignment and in-situ reconditioning of the rings and support rollers. Furthermore, we offer automation and welding technology for the repair of cracks and pits occurring on the support rollers and rings.

Grinding (Vertical Grinding Mill and Roller Press)

Grinding using roller press rolls takes place under significant rolling fatigue conditions where the rolls are often subjected to highly localised stresses. Kladex has designed high strength and high toughness buffer materials for rebuilding worn out rollers. In addition, our material Kladex RP600 is formulated to provide a crack-free wear resistant hardfaced surface.

 Fans and Critical Components

There are many other components used in cement production including separators, fans, feed tubes, chutes, liners, elbows, etc. which are subjected to continuous abrasion and erosion. Kladex has a range of alloys suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic hardfacing applications.

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